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How do you roast your coffee?

We roast coffee in small batches for each order. We use a small toaster for toasting which has proven to be an important tool for achieving even and high quality toasting. That’s why we call our coffee small batch roast.

What is a small batch roast?

Small batch means that the roasting does not use a giant mass roasting machine but a small artesan roasting machine that can be 2-5 kg ​​per toasting batch. Larger pulp roasts easily produce poor quality and uneven roasting. We want to emphasize the high-quality craftsmanship of coffee roasting, which is only possible in small batches.

Are your coffee and chocolate an environmentally friendly and ethical production?

Yes. We really invest a lot in ethical raw materials, e.g. by sourcing raw materials certified by Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. Unfortunately, these certifications do not cover e.g. controlling the exploitation of animals that we do ourselves. A good example of this is our coconut milk powder used in our milk-free milk chocolate, which we only order from farms that do not use monkey slaves to pick coconuts.

Where do you get your chocolate?

We make the chocolate all ourselves here in Kustavi. This has enabled e.g. a really wide supply of vegan chocolate. Our chocolate is made from Peruvian cocoa beans and butter and ground in a traditional stone mill for several days to give it a mouth-watering texture and flavor. In the near future, bean to bar chocolate, which is highly valued in the world, is also coming to our selection. You can follow our activities by on our youtube channel where we're working to add more video of our production.

Why aren't your products available at my local store?

Of course, you can ask your local store if they would like a quality handmade specialty product for their selection. Our retailers value special products and the Mokkapuu product is always a high-quality, small-batch sample of craftsmanship that cannot be purchased at wholesale.

Why are products so valuable?

Quality is important to us, as is genuine craftsmanship. Each product is unique and we use as few machines as possible and large amounts of love and care. In addition, we invest in high-quality raw materials. High-quality chocolate is distinguished from the fact that no e.g. lecithins or vegetable oils. In addition, the chocolate snaps when it is cut. This tells you that the chocolate is properly tempered. Tempering is a process in which the aromas of chocolate are strengthened and it can withstand even a small amount of heat. Many chocolatiers buy their chocolate ready-made from big players and use automated machines for tempering to make production more efficient, instead we make every small batch of chocolate from scratch ourselves and traditionally temper it at the granite level. This requires time, expertise, effort and passion and makes all of our products genuine craftsmanship as well as unique.

Our coffee comes from small farms where the coffee berries are picked by hand, dried in the sun and sorted by hand. The lives of these small producers are supported by education, health care, equality programs and fair wage levels. Each coffee goes through a thorough taste test in our roastery so we look for the most suitable roasting profiles for it. Our coffees are well appreciated due to their high roasting skills. Where many dark roasts are ruined due to the bitter burnt aroma, we know how to roast a dark roast where you can still notice the nuances of the aroma of the coffee and, above all, the soft gentle taste. This has required several years of practice and a good knowledge of the properties of coffee beans. This is why Mokkapuu coffees come with a more comprehensive 1-7 roasting scale instead of the usual 1-5 roasting scale.

Why do products have so much packaging?

Unfortunately, food safety requirements provide very few options. We are constantly tinkering with this to find better solutions. However, if you would like your product to be packaged differently when you order from our online store, you can send us a message when ordering.

Why does chocolate orders take so long?

Our entire production is pure craftsmanship. In addition to this, we do not use preservatives in the products, which means that they require cold storage and thus storage is not possible. That's why each order is made separately, and sometimes, for example, chocolate has run out and needs to be made more, this will take at least three days.

Did you know that truffle, for example, takes at least three days to make, excluding chocolate? In other words, it can take a total of 6 days to make a whole-tasting truffle if the chocolate used for it is not in stock. Fortunately, however, the possibility of this is very small, as the chocolate itself is well preserved and the customer is less likely to have to wait so long for his order :).