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Small Roastery Coffee - Dark Kustavi Kaffe

Small Roastery Coffee - Dark Kustavi Kaffe

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Kustavi has a coffee history dating back to Volter Kilpi's writings.

In the story, Vaasan Ville invested all his money in building a magnificent frigate named Albatross and hired his friend Kalle from Närpiö as its captain. The goal was to acquire a load of coffee.

Years went by, but Albatross was nowhere to be seen. Ville fell into despair and feared he had lost both his money and his frigate. Seven years later, the ship, which looked more like a ghost of Albatross, arrived in the home port. Ville was angry to see the sorry state of the ship and was ready to kill Captain Kalle. This led to a fight between Ville and Kalle in front of the spectators on the lawn.

However, it eventually became clear that the Albatross frigate had sailed the world's seas and had now returned with a full load of coffee. The hold also contained a couple of large chests full of valuable currencies and objects.

In honor of this coffee tradition, we have chosen Colombia Excelso as our dark roast Kustavi Kaffe's coffee of the moment, with its flavor profile raised several notches darker for the enjoyment of dark roast lovers and the dismay of our roaster.

The coffee cargo has arrived in Kustavi once again, although without the valuable currencies and objects.

Come and experience history with a cup of the best Colombian coffee, roasted even darker than a Kustavi night!

  • Roast level: French 6/7.
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Region: Ep Nariño, Las Taguas
  • Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Castillo
  • Processing: Washed

Flavor profile: Sweet, chocolaty, and berry wine-like with a velvety body. Serving suggestion: 7.5g per coffee cup (1.25dl).

Pack size: 250g and 1kg (black and white label)

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