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Savor Ethically

No more guilty conscience when feasting upon your favourite treats! We at MOKKAPUU take great efforts to make sure our ingredients are organic, ethical and absolutely delicious.

Premium Quality

We take pride in our work and hold high quality in our products. Our chocolate is stone ground for several days to ensure the best possible taste and texture. Our roast profiles are carefully selected to bring out the best of each bean and it's origin.


We believe that coffee and chocolate are precious ingredients that should be handled traditionally. Our chocolate is tempered on a granite slab and our coffees are roasted in small quantities.

Medium acidity, wholesome cottage coffee. Full City roasted from peruvian organic arabica beans. Thi..
text_tax 7.46€

These love chocolates are made of 100% organic ingredients, stone ground and tempered traditionally ..
text_tax 6.58€

Hand-made from high quality Peruvian cacaobeans (50%) and Indonesian freshly roasted Arabica-beans..
text_tax 2.63€

Soulful 70% dark organic chocolate. Hand-made from high quality Peruvian organic cacaobeans, sweet..
text_tax 2.63€

When roasting coffee, the bean releases gas for a long period of time. Mokkapuu's handy coffee bags ..
text_tax 0.77€

Full bodied with delicate aroma, naturally grown and hand picked in Peru. Cecanor/Proassa organ..
text_tax 8.33€

Inspired by Kustavis beautiful archipelago we wanted to compose a blend that captures the very essen..
text_tax 7.90€

Soulful 70% dark organic chocolate. Hand-made from high quality Peruvian organic cacaobeans, sweeten..
text_tax 1.32€

Mokkapuus strong coffee blend for the caffeine lovers! A hearty amount of Robusta with a touch of Ar..
text_tax 7.02€

A lovely lightly roasted, caramelish organic coffee! A taste with bitter sweet berry flavour and dar..
text_tax 7.46€

Here you can find Mokkapuu's heartfelt products


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